Enter a new era of minimally invasive spine surgery training

High-end surgical simulators

For the first time in history, minimal-invasive image-guided spine surgery training is easy, cost-effective and safe.
Trainees can learn MISS techniques with extremely realistic simulated medical imaging in a safe environment, within a short time.

Simbone is an innovative training tool for simulating pedicle screw insertion. It is definitively a way of training complementary to cadaver wet lab works.

Dr. Enrico Tessitore, Neurosurgeon - HUG

The Medability simulators help Medtronic improve the quality of our physician and sales education programs, while reducing the costs associated with cadaveric training.

Nate Porter, Senior Marketing Manager - Medtronic

Within 2 hours it was possible to train 8 sales representatives proper cannulae placement ... that normally would take 2 months ... to achieve that level of proficiency.

Brad Wallace, Regional Sales Manager - Stryker Interventional Spine

SimBone has been a game-changer for our surgeon and sales training programs. The lifelike X-ray simulation has enabled us to train more efficiently by reducing the need for expensive cadaveric courses.

Scott Lynch, VP of Global Marketing - Providence Medical Technology

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Our vision is to improve the efficiency, enhance the quality and maximize the safety of medical training in healthcare by providing the most innovative simulation technology available.

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