Our innovative approach to making surgical training easy, cost-effective and safe.

The high-end VR simulator for MISS training combines highly-realistic simulated medical imaging and haptic sensation of pathologies through the use of high quality robotics.

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The DuO, with its outstanding haptic sensation, enables training on any patient case.

Anywhere, and at any time, a rapid transfer of procedural knowledge is guaranteed.

Within just a few hours a training case can be created based on a real patient’s CT scan.

Haptic feedback experience
Training with virtual instruments
Training on any patient case


Virtual instruments allow the procedures to be conducted on any CT data set.

Pedicle screw insertion

Position the cannula in the pedicle, place the guidewire, and insert screws of different sizes.


Treat fractured vertebral bodies using cement for stabilization.

Customizable software

The realistic medical imaging simulation is the best in the field.
The software is customizable to your needs.

The extremely realistic simulated medical (radiation-free) imaging can be adjusted to the trainees' needs.
Through a comfortable imaging control, the trainer can instantly switch back and forth between X-ray, CT, and 3D.

A database can be included which records the trainees’ performance.

Fast procedural knowledge transfer is available thanks to virtual instruments controlled by a touch interface. The whole MISS can be rapidly conducted in a game-like manner. Trainees receive hints during difficult tasks to help achieve proficiency on the fly.


The design of the DuO is astonishing: easy to set up and portable.

Training on any patient case with DualForce

Any patient case is realistically simulated on CT data using DualForce.
Two high quality robotic devices are combined for delivering the strongest haptic feedback for bone simulation on the market. The feedback is notably different for skin, tissue, cortical, and trabecular bone. It has been tested and verified by independent orthopedic surgeons.

Marketing and training anywhere

The especially light and well-thought through simulator design offers quick and easy set up for marketing and training, anywhere.

transport box

Stress-free transportation

A well-designed packaging solution makes it easy to check-in at the airport or safe to transport in the car.

Patient cases

For each procedure, various pathologies are available. And if you want your own we can create it for you.

Thoracic case

Level: T12-L2
Patient age: 25 years
Fracture type: -
Procedures: Pedicle screw placement, kyphoplasty, RF ablation


With the robotic simulators from Medability, physicians can select from a library of real patient cases, perform the procedure with realistic haptic feedback and immediately visualize the completeness of their ablation.

Nate Porter, Senior Product Manager - Medtronic

Within 2 hours it was possible to train 8 sales representatives proper cannulae placement with the Medability DuO, something that normally would take 2 months of case observations and cadaver training programs to achieve that level of proficiency.

Brad Wallace, Regional Marketing Manager - Stryker Interventional Spine

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