“Beyond cadaver”

The SimBone is our latest solution to make surgical training easy, cost-effective and safe.

This high-end hybrid simulator for MISS training combines highly realistic simulated medical imaging with lifelike synthetic anatomy models.

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SimBone is bridging the gap between training on synthetic bone models and surgery on the patient. It combines patient-like haptics with realistic medical imaging.

Key features

The trainee (principle, advanced, and master levels of expertise) learns to perform procedures of varying complexity with real instruments on patient CT-based bones.

Lifelike haptics with synthetic models
Training on various patient pathologies
Training with real surgical instruments


The SimBone offers a wide range of MISS image-guided procedures for training.

Pedicle screw insertion

Position the cannula in the pedicle, place the guidewire, insert screws of different sizes.

Facet joint infiltration

Inject steroid medication into the facet joint for diagnostics and pain therapy.

SI joint infiltration

Inject steroid medication into the SI joint for diagnostics and pain therapy.


Treat fractured vertebral bodies using cement for stabilization.

Software Features

Medability's software is the best in the field for simulating medical imaging.
Easy to use, it can also be tailored to your needs.

The extremely realistic simulated medical (radiation-free) imaging can be adjusted to the trainees' needs.

Through a comfortable imaging control, the trainer can instantly switch back and forth between X-ray, CT, and 3D.

Additional features include a user database and a performance assessment and evaluation tool for certification of trainees.

In addition to the outstanding user experience, SimBone includes a lot of functional features for the trainee and convenience features for the trainer.

Hardware Features

Medability's hardware is easy to use, portable and extendable.

The variety of patient cases with or without pathologies are the best in the field, simulating truly realistic haptic feeling during procedure training.

The especially light and well-thought through simulator offers a quick and easy setup for spontaneous trainings, anywhere.

transport box

A well-designed packaging solution makes it easy to check-in at the airport or safe to transport in the car.

Patient cases

For each procedure, various pathologies are available.


Cervical case

Spine level: C1-C7
Patient age: 25 years
Fracture type: -
Level of expertise: Advanced and masters
Procedures: E.g. pedicle screw and infiltration


Thoracic case

Spine level: T12-L2
Patient age: 25 years
Fracture type: -
Level of expertise: Principles
Procedures: E.g. pedicle screw, infiltration, vertebro-/kyphoplasty

SimBone - Sacrum

Sacrum case

Spine level: Sacrum-pelvis
Patient age: 25 years
Fracture type: -
Level of expertise: Principles
Procedures: Infiltration


SimBone has been a game-changer for our surgeon and sales training programs. The lifelike X-ray simulation has enabled us to train more efficiently by reducing the need for expensive cadaveric courses.

Scott Lynch, VP of Global Marketing; Providence Medical Technology, Inc.

If you ask me if you (industry representative) should integrate this technology in your training, I can only tell you that you should have done this 4 years before!

Dr. David Polly, Professor - Department of Orthopedic Surgery - University of Minnesota

Simbone is an innovative training tool for simulating pedicle screw insertion. Surgeons may exercise themselves on different pathological scenarios with this dry, radiation-free and manageable device. It is definitively a way of training complementary to cadaver wet lab works.

Dr. Enrico Tessitore, Neurosurgeon – HUG

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