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Take the step into a new era of MISS training and get high-end surgical simulators now.

With Medability’s high-end surgical simulators, trainees are able to acquire and perfect the essential skills to develop proficiency and build confidence in minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) anytime and anywhere, without radiation exposure.


Four reasons why you should get a Medability MISS simulator.

Accelerate knowledge transfer

Educate trainees faster using real-time feedback

Extend training course portfolio

Perform training even when cadavers or live animals are not available

High-quality training

Ensure the effectiveness of training through objective performance metrics

Decrease costs

Not wet labs or imaging devices with technical staff needed

Why now?

Three reasons why you should get a Medability MISS simulator now.

Attract surgeons

and boost their confidence in MISS instruments now

Take the lead

Be among the leaders offering next generation surgical training

Set high standards

Certify the trainees based on standardized objective performance data




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