Step into a new era of MISS training with customized high-end surgical simulators – NOW

Provide hands-on practice for minimally invasive image-guided procedures in a radiation-free environment.


Five reasons why you should get a Medability MISS simulator.

Accelerate TTM

Educate sales staff before a product launch

Gain customers

Training in hotels anywhere around the world

Time saving

Set up workshops at any time without organizational overhead

High-quality training

Increase customer confidence and trust in your products

Decrease costs

No wet labs, imaging devices or technical staff needed

Why now?

Four reasons why you should get a Medability MISS simulator now.

Take the lead

Be among the leaders offering next generation surgical training

Set high standards

Certify your sales staff and medical doctors

Conquer your market

Train your sales staff before introducing instruments

Attract medical doctors

Win over medical doctors




Hire purchase

Create your training and marketing tool

We integrate your instrument set and patient pathology.


Grafts, cages, and height-restoration implants


Balloons of different shapes and sizes

Pedicle screws

Screws of different sizes and threads


Radio-frequency tumor ablation probes

Types of cement

Cement of various viscosity


Training cases based on CT scans


We are the experts in creating high-end VR simulators with the most innovative simulation technology. Our motivation is the integration of the key marketing messages and training goals within a high-end simulation solution.

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